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GOLDCAR Scam Using Your €1,100 Deposit – Beware!

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Goldcar Scam That Quietly Steals From You

The latest Goldcar scam is very creative indeed, using your €1,100 deposit to quietly steal more money from you.  They'll charge your card for the full amount of €1,100 and insist that they have to charge it in your home currency.  They'll tell you that they don't have an option to charge in local currency and that it's your bank the is forcing them to charge it that way.

However, if and when they refund you, they will refund it the local currency where you rented the car.  There will be a difference in the exchange rates by doing this and Goldcar will keep the profit of around £40 which you'll get stuck with paying!  So make sure to check your bank statement after you've returned your car and check that the amount you were debited is the amount you were refunded.  There's a decent chance it won't be!

If you question Goldcar on the charge, they'll tell you that these are your banks charges and nothing to do with them.  This is actually completely false and it's simply another Goldcar scam.

The best way to deal with the issue is to contact your bank or credit card company and explain what's happened and your bank should reimburse you.  It will be much quicker and far less stress than dealing with Goldcar.

Watch this video to see exactly how the scam works:



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4 thoughts on “GOLDCAR Scam Using Your €1,100 Deposit – Beware!

  1. Will never use Goldcar again as it took nearly 6 weeks to get £1100 back. They are quick to take your money but so hard to get it back. Go abroad a lot will never use them again.

    1. Hi Julie, This is really common with Goldcar. You did get your money back in the end from the sounds of it?

  2. I have used Golcar twice a year for many years, they have not once taken the deposit, all they do is check your credit card that it can be taken if there’s an incident. Even if there is an incident and they keep some of it the excess insurance you obviously have will cover it.

    1. Hi Craig, thanks for the comment. Not quite sure how you’ve been so lucky, twitter and facebook are littered with stories of innocent people unable to get their deposits back, or being forced to wait for months sometimes. Fingers crossed for you that you continue not to have the money taken from your card.

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