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Rental Car Protection: How To Use The Car Hire Shout App

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Rental Car Protection Against Scams And Hidden Charges

Rental car protection is a necessity these days as car hire companies unfortunately tend not the most honest. The Car Hire Shout app was developed to help innocent rental car customers to fight back against the rental car scams, hidden charges and fake damage claims that are all too common amongst unscrupulous rental car companies.

The internet is full of cases where hard working people rent cars, only to find that as they arrive to collect their car, they're faced with long wait times, often forced to buy over priced insurance, pay taxes and fees that were not outlined at the time of booking and face rude, unhelpful staff, all of which can ruin a family holiday before it even starts.   

On returning the car the process can get worse, as customers can be accused of damaging their car, which many times they haven't and be charged exorbitant prices  for repairs.  In many cases, dishonest rental car companies will sign the car off on return with no damage but when the renter returns home, can find damage charges on their credit card a month later, making it virtually impossible to fight their case. 

With no regard for innocent people and in many cases, zero customer care, Car Hire Shout aims to force car hire companies into transparency and to stop ripping off its customers.  We can only achieve this if we work together and collect all the information on car hire companies and make it publicly. It will take a little time and effort to enter the information but in the long run, we can stop the scams and clean up the industry.       


Download Car Hire Shout For Free

The first step to gaining rental car protection is to download the Car Hire Shout app.  It's completely free to use:



Register Your Account

Register an account with your name, email and a password. You'll have to agree to our:

Car Hire Shout - Sign Up


Step 1: Add Your Rental Booking

The first step is to add the basic details of your rental booking, such as the booking reference, pick up date, the destination of the rental and cost.

Car Hire Shout - Step 1


Step 2: Upload Photos

When you receive your car, tell other users how long you had to wait to be seen. Take photos of your rental car and add them to the Car Hire Shout App. Taking good photos is key to your rental car protection.

We suggest you take photos of:

  • All sides of the car
  • All 4 wheels and tires
  • The windscreen
  • Fuel gauge (complain if it's not full)
  • Top of the car
  • The interior
  • Any and all existing damage to the car

The photos will appear on the Home screen in case you need to access them later when you drop the car back to prove any pre-existing damage.

The date and time (central European time) that you uploaded the photos to the app, will appear under each.

Car Hire Shout - Step 2


Step 3: Post Pick Up

Now that you've picked up your car, tell others how you were treated. If you where forced or scared into buying their expensive insurance, enter how much this was so we can track how many customers this happens to and warn others.

If you pre-paid for fuel, how much did you pay so we can track local prices and what car hire companies are charging.

Lastly, how much where you charged as a deposit and was this blocked or actually debited from your account (here's why this matters).

Car Hire Shout - Step 3


Step 4: Drop Off

This is perhaps the most important part of renting your car, as this is where the unfair extra charges usually come. If you're accused of damage to the car, pull up the photos you uploaded to the Car Hire Shout app and see if the damage was there when you picked up the car.

If you're charged for damage, take photos of the damaged areas, upload them to the app and give details. By doing this, future renters of the same car will be able to see previous damage claims and charges. If the car rental company attempts to charge for the same damage, it can be proven that it was pre-existing by the booking reference, photos and damage description. This will stop renters being charged multiple times for the same damage.

Let others know if you were charged for fuel or a cleaning penalty and at what cost. This will warn future renters of the extent of these charges and what they might expect.

Lastly, you can rate and comment on the experience of your rental.

Car Hire Shout - Step 4


Damage Search

When you rent a car that someone else has already reported damage on, it will appear on the home screen warning you of the damage claim. You can also search for any car by the number plate registration, to see if there's any damage history.

Car Hire Shout - Damage Search


Location Reviews

If you're looking to rent a car and want to check out the company and location, check for reviews before you book it. You'll be able to see wait times, how previous renters were treated as far as insurance, fuel charges, damage claims, wait times and more.

Car Hire Shout - Location Reviews


Past Rentals

Here's a history of all your rentals that you've added to Car Hire Shout, so you can go back and recall any of the photos or information if you ever need it.


Together We Can Stop The Scams

The Car Hire Shout app only works if renters download it and use it, reporting how they are treated and what they're charged for. It's completely free to use and the advantage is that by spending a few minutes entering the details of your rental, you could save yourself and others a lot of money in bogus and unfair charges.

Download it now, protect yourself and help others.

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