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RecordGo Scam: Fake Damage Charges Exposed!

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RecordGo Scam Using Fake Photos To Claim Damages

This RecordGo scam is one of the oldest in the book and quite unbelievable that rental car companies can get away with it.  It's a simple scam in that RecordGo wait for you to get home, after dropping off your car and then hit you a couple of weeks later with supposed damage to your rental car.

We were a victim of this ourselves but on looking closely as the photos of the damage received from RecordGo, we can clearly see that they are using two different cars. They sent a photo of the car we actually hired from a distance, then a close up shot of some scratches on the bumper.  However, as we looked closely at the car bumper and compared it to the expanded car view, we could easily see that they were two different cars.

If you're scammed for bogus damage charges by RecordGo or any other rental car company, make sure you carefully look at the details of the photos.  We've seen cases online where other rental car companies such as GOLDCAR have actually painted supposed "scratches" onto bumpers claiming that it was damage.

The video below shows the photos and the details of differences in the two cars.


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